Hello and Welcome to Witch Hat Servicing

Here you can find servicing for your Naim Amplifiers, Power Supplies, Pre-amps and CD players.

Upgrades for Naim owners include our N2 cost effective flexible speaker cable and our popular HatPin interconnects for Naim pre-amps.

Call us now on 0330 660 0402 and find out what we can do for you.

Why Choose Us?

We are a group of Ex-Naim Engineers and HiFi enthusiasts who are passionate about your musical enjoyment.

With several years of experience at Naim, in making these products from the ground up and then testing and repairing them, there’s very little that hasn’t been seen or unable to fix. We are happy to service, repair, or even upgrade your system.

Parts used are equivalent or better than original where possible and we will tailor the service to your requirements. A lot of older kit is suitable for conversion to higher specification and there’s often a huge potential to make your system far better than the original factory spec.

Call us on the number at the side of the page, and we can discuss your requirements. Regardless of the age of your amp, for example: any variant of amp from the earliest 1970’s bolt up chassis through to the chrome bumper and olive series variants of the 1990’s and beyond.

All servicing is guaranteed for 2 years.

As your equipment will receive careful attention from a Naim trained engineer, you may have confidence that your equipment will be serviced to the high standards employed by the factory. Replacement parts will have a specification as least that of the original component.  In most cases, during service by us, your equipment will be fitted with an upgraded part having a superior sound and longer life than the original.

57 Westbrook End, Newton Longville, Bucks, MK17 0DL